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philip6Philip Bender was born and raised in Canada.  He cherishes a family of five generations living in Canada. He has always had interest in culture. Here in Canada as well as the rest of the world. Canada has a rich and diversified cultural history. Philip, while working in Fort McMurray, Alberta, came to understand a lot about The First Nations’ rich and fascinating culture.

This curiosity to learn about other cultures and people, along with their traditions was the primary reason Philip joined the travel and tourism industry. After working in the Oil & Gas industry, in Alberta, for many years. he returned to college to get a diploma in Travel & Tourism. One year after graduation, he started his own travel company; First Choice Travel & Tours Ltd. He has now has been in the Travel Industry for 11 years.

Philip Bender Scuba DivingHis interest has always been visiting countries learning about their culture and meeting the local people who lived there and learning from them. His love to learn and grow from his travels has taken him all over the world; Caribbean countries, Mexico, Korea, and SE Asian countries. He has traveled to Philippines and Indonesia several times and has grown to love these countries and their people.

Philip works just as hard promoting tourism in Canada as he does to other countries. He is a proud Canadian and an ambassador for his country in every travel he undertakes. He has extensively traveled all over the world and all corners of Canada. The experiences along the way, have shaped Philip as a man who understands the various cultures. That we are all equal, and have the same hopes and fears. Because of this, he has a deep knowledge about these places and is able to provide his clients the best service.


Philip Bender
CEO of First Choice Travel & Tours Ltd.
Specialist:Int’l Flights, Group Travel, Vacations, Cruises, Culture & Medical Tourism

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