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Bedagul Temple

Bali – Amazing

Bali amazing day tours are put together for your comfort so you can take in and enjoy all the beauty ...
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Java Borobudur


Provinces of Java and their Capitals Capital Serang Banten was formed a province in Indonesia in the year 2000 and ...
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Kalimantan, Indonesia


Provinces of Kalimantan and their Capitals Kalimantan is the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo, the 3rd largest island ...
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Lesser Sunda Islands

The Lesser Sunda Islands are part of a volcanic arc,the Sunda Arc, formed by subduction along the Sunda Trench in ...
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Maluku Island

Maluku Islands

The Maluku Islands or the Moluccas islands were also historically known as the Spice Islands by the Chinese and the ...
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Provinces of Sulawesi and their Capitals Capital Manado, (Manado, Bitung, Gorontalo, Tomohon, Bunaken) Indonesia's best known dive spot North Sulawesi ...
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Sumatra Beach


Provinces of Sumatra and their Capitals Capital Banda Aceh Aceh, located in the northwest end of Sumatra Island, is home ...
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Papua New Guinea

Western New Guinea

Provinces of Western New Guinea and their Capitals The Papua conflict is an ongoing low-level conflict between the Indonesian Government ...
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